Quality and quantity in a social media space

The Lupus 3 dark cloud and associated hot young stars

I like astrophotography. For example. Can’t do it properly myself, really, but enjoy immensely to see what those more talented than myself can do. It’s just wonderful.

Take Twitter. Without thinking it through properly, I ended up using a (very) mild form of follower churn to find, check out and sieve out the content I like best. I always have some weird accounts I follow, and there are many more wonderfully awesome ones I have on my wall. There is, however, rather limited interaction.

When I did start thinking about it, I hesitated. 

These are social media. You have to connect to people. Otherwise it doesn’t make sense to be there. Unfortunately, on some of them you, from the start, have “followers”. There is no interaction implied in this word.

Then, it can be quite fun even without the social aspect used to the fullest. That written, feel free to contact me on Twitter, too. It’s a nice platform – once you’ve built an echo chamber full of kindness and great content.

Case in point: The ESO gallery “from whence” the image above came – “The Lupus 3 dark cloud and associated hot young stars” – without somebody pointing me towards it, I wouldn’t have known.  🙂

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