Climate *Action*

Browse through social media and see whether you can’t identify a new set of people: Those who agree with but grow tired of seeing #climatechange posts.

The point?

Enough of us are afraid. Let’s find out what to do!

The weird thing about this:

We kinda know what to do already. The respective changes are in process already, in fact.

Don’t believe me? Click here.

To quote: 

Climate change is starting to be factored into a variety of development plans: how to manage the increasingly extreme disasters we are seeing and their associated risks, how to protect coastlines and deal with sea-level encroachment, how to best manage land and forests, how to deal with and plan for reduced water availability, how to develop resilient crop varieties and how to protect energy and public infrastructure. 

To wit: Electric cars, wind and nuclear energy, smart grid development,…

Are all these things perfect? No. Are there differences in opinion about how to proceed? Yes, but:

We’re getting there. Period.

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