It’s not nothing, just not very much

Empty space means “Quantum fluctuations”. Right. It’s not nothing. It’s uncertainty around nothing. That uncertainty is even measurable. As far as I understand it.

From my point of view, I’m probably right. From yours I may be quite wrong.

I’m not quite sure what is most unlikely, though. These sentences above, or the fact that it’s all explained rather well on a school physics sort of level in the first paragraph of this Wikipedia article.

2 thoughts on “It’s not nothing, just not very much

  1. Sorry to say that U r wrong, may have no inkling of realities, unless U have no understanding of ultra quantum dimensions, it’s transformational mechanics n techniques for translating into comprehensible mental languages. Alone consciousness won’t do, nor cud substantive inputs of quantum laws n limited fixtures.
    As knowledge n wisdom is to share by mutual respect n honor, as it expands n transcends like that, I’ll ve happy if we learn mutually n separately by the cosmic n natural clues.

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