What’s time to you?

From one of my favourite TV shows, the British QI-series, I Iearned that “time” is the most commonly used noun in the English language. It surprised me to be sure, but here we are.

What is “time” to you?

It can be many things, can’t it? It’s what events pass in to start with, but then it can be “good” and “bad”, “money”, “slow” and “ fast”, and many other things. It’s also what drives some scientists who do quantum physics nuts.

Check this link and read. It all starts beautifully simple. You get a unit of time, and you use that unit to measure things. There’s some philosophy, too, and everything rolls along nicely. Then the first paradox comes along in thermodynamics – oh and then there’s this gem of a sentence:

Albert Einstein‘s 1905 special relativity challenged the notion of absolute time.

Oh, man. Here, we go down the rabbit hole, right? Of course, we do, and what a delightful, wonderfully weird journey it is!

Continue reading and use the references list under the article to immerse yourself in the idea of “time”. You won’t regret it, I promise. 🙂

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