…now for that butterfly: Enter a world of Kindness and Knowledge

«Kindness» and «knowledge» are expressions of fragile and often short-lived sentiments, but they can be beautiful and very alive, too. When lifted up to being ideas and values, they can fly, yet much of them is more foreign to us and our daily experience than we realize. Most of us want to be kind and knowledgeable, but let’s face it: It’s difficult to be that. We need to work to be that, and to stay that, from situation to situation.

Science can help make that delicate butterfly take wing and remain aloft.

Join me in exploring the world around us. 😊 Click on the titles below to get to the different categories or use the menus above.


For the commute: Spend your time learning about something. Sit back, relax, and let your mind pick up stuff along the way.


Enjoy a good story: Life consists of stories. Science is part of life. Don’t deny that. Enjoy it. 🙂


Listen and watch: I’m not the one to run up mountains, but I do like to be out there relaxing. Let me take you with me.


Space imagery. Food for thought. Sometimes, the story is right there. Sometimes, it will develop after a while.


A simple approach to science: The perspective may change, the goal never really does: Understand science and make use of it in your daily life. It’s not half as complicated as you think.


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