Einstein cross

Einstein cross
I, too, called them word books for much longer than I care to admit.


Space imagery. Food for thought. Sometimes, the story is right there. Sometimes, it will develop after a while.


Image: Einstein Cross

Text: “The Einstein Cross is one of the most iconic formations on the sky.” the teacher said. “Iconic? This doesn’t look like an icon at all.” the preacher’s son blurted out. “Class, take out your thesauri-ses…er, the word books!”

Image credits: NASA, ESA, and STScI


2 thoughts on “Einstein cross

  1. Iconic cross why is the star mystery line..? And this’s from the image where is in the constellation star map. Or they expanded themselves along with the horizon set. Now I think that the people is regarding the loudly point and a silent star also.
    Siriwan Kh.

    1. Hei Siriwan,

      not sure I understand all of what you’re writing, but I’ll try to give you a little more info: This is a galaxy being surrounded (from our vantage point) by the light of a quasar behind. The four “beams” originate from the same light source behind. It’s basically a proof of one aspect of Einstein’s general relativity theory. You can pick up the position of this particular Einstein cross here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Einstein_Cross – it’s a Wikipedia article, but one without any errors and good references if you want to start reading.

      I hope that was what you wanted to know.

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