The little animal that would


Commuting? Need some good background to what you do? Sit back, relax, and listen. This is not hardcore quantum physics. This is science. Everybody can understand science itself.


Once upon a time, The Little Animal That Would walked along the path, skipping every other step and whistling a happy tune. Mom had told it about dinner time. Yet, there were still plenty of things to discover until then, and enough left of the day to do it in.

“Ouch!” it said.

It drew a pine needle out of its little foot and looked around. All the path was covered in pine needles.

“This can’t be.” it thought and began to clean.

“Ooh! I’m late.” The Little Animal That Would said after a while. “I need to hurry up!”

It hastened along the path, leaving behind a colony of ants looking frantically for pine needles to add to their hill. The Little Animal That Would soon stopped in its tracks again. A farmer made hay on a field.

“You look tired.” The Little Animal That Would said.

“I am.” the farmer answered. “But that’s ok, my son is on his w—”

“I will help you!”

The Little Animal That Would put its all into making hay. This was heavy work.

“It’s ok. I don’t mind.” it told the farmer. “Really.”

“Thank you.” the farmer said and scratched his head.

“Oh!” The Little Animal That Would exclaimed. “It has become so late. I have to go. Good-bye.”

It ran along the path now, while the farmer finally received the haymaker his son had gotten from the farm. He finished the job in no hurry and in no time. The Little Animal That Would grew wearier, its steps slowed down to a halt.

“Who…” it tried to say. “Who are you?”

“You know me.” the Wolf said. “I’m hungry.”

The heart of The Little Animal That Would sank.

“Why are you not running?” the Wolf said. “You are faster than me. You can run for a longer time than me even! Why are you not running?”

The Little Animal That Would did not answer. It could not think of anything to say or do.

“What has happened to you, my friend?” the Wolf asked and swallowed The Little Animal That Would in one gulp.


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