Antarctic dawn

Concordia at dusk

Nothing is more remote than the South Pole, you’d think, right? That’s true in a way, but ever since Concordia research station was established there, “Point Nemo” has garnered some attention. The truth of the matter is that you can fly a plane to the South Pole as the ice and landscape there are flat and hard enough to land. If you took a water plane to Point Nemo, well, make it a big and well-balanced one then, I’d say.

I’m not sure either why I think about Andøya in Norway when looking at that image. We lived there for quite a while.  It’s not as remote as the South Pole. Then, of course, we would get skies like this all the time, too.

It’s immensely beautiful in real life!

By the way, the image is clickable to see a larger version at the source on Flickr.

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