Oh, the humanity!


I’m not decided on whether I think that’s a condescending expression or not. “Look, I’m so rich, I have problems like this!” or simply describing the way of the world: When life doesn’t deal them anything bad, humans look for stuff to be angry about and give each other trouble by doing so.

Then, of course, given what kind of life my parents and grandparents lived, I can’t but think that we, on the whole, are on the right way – and big time so at that.

Call me weird or whatever, but my grandparents would’ve never dreamed of seeing a man step foot on the moon, so who’s to say I won’t see the last major war in my lifetime?

Even call me stupid, if you wish, for being a dreamer. I won’t stop building these castles in the air, though. Dreaming and attempting to make dreams come true is what I live for.

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