Bubble gum

Now, once upon a time a bubble-gum went missing
Because a girl and boy were kissing
As if there would not be tomorrow left to kiss some more!
And this, we understand, is reason to believe
That whoever ever will retrieve
This bubble gum, assuming someone will, of course,
Will not be all too hesitant to ponder
Where this dreaded piece of by now tasteless rubber might have come from.
Out of someone’s mouth, you might say,
Which is true, oh wonder!
However, such an information
Does not lead to big elation
As its content is redundant
And its wit not quite abundant,
Yet a perfect explanation of why a piece of gum sticks to one’s foot
Like soot
Sticks to a chimney.
So, let us start supposing consequences.
At first, you will show eloquences
Of which you did not know you had them,
Referring to some words you teach your children not to say.
And this, my friend, is just for starters, if I may
Be truthful and remark in such a way.
Because, you see, the biggest of all problems is it
To negotiate your own behaviour.
The key thing is to silently pray for a saviour
While having one foot on the ground
And balancing right pound for pound.
The other foot’s up in the air,
The face shows wrinkles of despair
As you wish you had the fingernails of your beloved wife
For with yours you could not scratch a jellyfish for your own life!
And that is why the bubble-gum stays sticking
To the sole of your right shoe.
And you just do not have a clue
Of what to do
Apart from getting still more angry.
”Jesus Christ!” See, there you said it!
And the fun starts. Though I dread it,
I will say this:
Fear the abyss
Metaphorically awaiting you if you aren’t careful!
Because, by now, the others on the sidewalk
Might have noticed that you do talk
To yourself in ever louder voice.
Believe me, they will not rejoice
When you comment: ”Get off my foot, you little sucker!”
Or even worse, use other words which end on ”…ucker”!
And worst of all, you will start hopping as your temper rises,
First on the spot, then all around you hop, with hops in different sizes.
Back and forth and round you go,
Whoever’s distant enjoys the show.
Whoever’s not
Has gained a spot
Of danger
From this stranger
Which is you.
So, you hit two
With arm and shoe
Until one cries
Because he flies
Right through a window,
Cuts his chin, though
Not quite dangerously, and not too injured, he is.
So, he steps out, his face expresses angriness,
Just as yours.
He crawls out of the window, does not swiver to progress
To settle scores.
He comes close,
Sees your nose
Which he hits
Like a blitz
Into bits.
And that fits
Because, quite frankly, you deserve it!
You should have stayed calm, should have thought
Instead of rushing things. Now you got caught
By a fist!
Oh, what a twist
Of fate! For you caught this fist
Because a girl got kissed
By a troubled chum
With a bubbled gum
In his mouth…amongst other things…

© 2019 Alexander Biebricher All Rights Reserved.

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