Two dudes in a car

Inducing eye rolls and awesomeness in one text!


Life consists of stories. Science is part of life. Don’t deny that. Enjoy it. 🙂


“Gotta tell me something now, dawg. What the f…! Why you went and did that?!”

The question was met with silence from the passenger seat. The figure crouching there did not listen, but stared with glassy eyes out of the car window at the passing landscape.

“Now we gotta drive a hundred miles `cause you too stoopid to—”

“What’s that!?”

“Yeah, you heard me, dawg. Jus’ called you stoopid. `Cause you stoopid!”

“I know what you think of me.”

The figure called Dawg straightened up and pointed.

“I mean, what’s that there?”


“There, around the Sun. Don’t you see it? There’s a halo around the Sun. I think it’s got some weird spots on it, too, that halo. Can’t see straight, though. Does it?”

“No. Ain’t seein’ it. For f… sake, dawg. What the h… you think you was doin’ with them knittin’ pins in the barn?”


“Look at us now! We in that d… car on a d… Sunday, drivin’ you dingbat to the d… hospital! Could be watchin’ the Huskies right now.”

“You could be watching the Huskies. You could also tell me if those spots are there or not.”

“Shut up, will you? Be happy I drive you to that d… hospital!”

For a while, the two were, in fact, quiet.

“​You know, stuff like that happens when sunlight interacts with ice crystals in the air. Imagine how light these crystals have to be!”

“Shut up!”

“Come now. I wish I saw better than this. Surely, those spots on the halo must be there.”

“Your own fault, dawg.”

“I mean, how awesome would it be if I was right? If that is what I think it is, you have no excuse but to like it.”

Dawg went on to talk more about ​halos​,​ about those icy crystals, about their reflective properties and the mere fact that they were there, floating like small Persian magic carpets to make a beautiful sight for those with their eyes open to see them. Now, if only he could see properly.

“​Alright now, are there sun dogs, too?” ​he asked.

“​If it’ll shut you up!”​ the other one grunted, squinting upwards. “​Dunno. Can’t see properly.”

He leant over to the passenger’s side until…



“Car’s in the ditch.”

“​Even I see that.”

There was silence for a while. Then they climbed out of the car. The guy not called Dawg glared at his companion, then looked up.

“So, that’s what you was goin’ on about?” he said.

“Beautiful, right?”

“You can see it?”

“Not particularly well, no.”

“What’re those blobs?”

“Sun dogs.”



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